BIG Pricing News & 5L goodies @ Eye Candi!

We all know the economy has been bad, and at Eye Candi, we want to continue to make beauty accessible to everyone. So, from now on Eye Candi has lowered the prices on your favorite items in store! Tell your friends and get shopping! 😉


Price List:

✻ Female Skins: $499L each; $1,499L for 5 skins (1 row); $1,999L for 10 skins (buy all makeups in the smaller lines); $2,999L for 20 skins (buy all makeups in the larger lines)

✻ Female Makeup Tattoos and Body Glow: $49L each; $299L for makeup fat packs

✻ Female Tintable Cleavage: $25L each

✻ Female Shapes, including Maternity & BBW: $499L each

✻ Male Skins: $799L each; $1,499L for fat packs of 4 skins

✻ Male Shapes: $799L each

✻ Nail Polish: $25L


To celebrate these new changes, our nail polish is at a very low price of $5L each for a limited time!


Like our Facebook page and/or Follow our Twitter page for your chance to win $2,500L and giftcards!!

✻ Visit the new Facebook page at:

✻ Visit the new Twitter page at:


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