Weekly Deals & Freebie @ Eye Candi! 6.25.11

Eye Candi’s deals are out today and it includes a members-only Beyonce-inspired shape for only $150L, plus Men’s skin for only $50L, diamond jewelry, female skin, nail polish, and a free gift!

Eye Candi Mainstore Location

╰→Eye Candi has a lot of great deals and surprises for you this week! Find our sales table just inside the building, right in front!

╰→We have 2 new nail polishes to introduce at the mainstore and is not yet available in the fat pack! Taupe is a pretty new color, well suited for any skintone and is FREE! Our Mauve nail polish is also new, at the regular price of only $50L and both can be found at the sales table.

╰→The Dish this week is a very handsome James skin in Deep Tan (shaved). All your guy friends can look sexy in this great skin for cheap! Only $50L grabs your favorite guy a high quality skin he’ll love! (And you’ll have more fun looking at him too 😉

╰→Also, as a special treat for the ladies out there, we have Jasmine skin in Tan, Makeup 7 for sale for half off!

╰→We have a gorgeous Wedding Ring Set for men and women in Platinum and Diamonds! This is a classy, large karat diamond ring set that includes the Men’s band, Women’s Engagement Ring, and Women’s Wedding band only $125L!

╰→If you’ve been a fan of Eye Candi for a long time, you’ll be happy to know that we have introduced the Shape of the Month to our store again! This is a chance for our Eye Candi groupmembers to look great at a cheap price, only $150L! For the month of July, we have a Beyonce-inspired shape for sale named Nicole. It includes a no mod shape, eyebrows, style card, and AO. Eye Candi membership is free and you can join the store or say in local:


╰→Remember, we have the exclusive $75L Natalie skin for sale only at the $75L Skin Sale building, located here: