Weekend Deals! 7/9/11



╰→We hope all of you had a great week last week! We are participating in Steals and Deals, Sixty Linden Weekends, and LOW, plus a special I Need New… 10L item! Please see our sales table at the front of the store.

╰→Our LOW item of the week is one of our new mascara lash tattoos in Fairytale. This whimsical and romantic style is perfect for all eye shapes because it’s on one tattoo layer! Right now it’s only 49L! Save 50L!

╰→For the avatars who love the look of long, luscious lashes, our All Prim Lashes are just for you! Made of many tiny prims, our All Prim lashes come in 2 lengths (Natural and Long) and include bottom lashes too! They are two separate attachments and can easily be moved to fit your lash line. Now only 60L! Save 89L!

╰→Our entire Jo v2 skinline in the Tan skintone is only 1499L this week! 50% off for all skins in the tone, a total of 10 skins! Jo is a gorgeous skinline with realistic lips and details.

╰→And as a special this weekend, I Need New… is having a special event this weekend where we are selling a special edition eye color from the True eyeline for only 10L! Pretty and shine eyes suitable for both men and women.

╰→Just a reminder that we have a sexy shape for sale to our Eye Candi groupmembers for only 150L through July only! Every month a new shape will be showcased and sold for a very low price and only to our loyal customers! For the month of July, we have a Beyonce-inspired shape for sale named Nicole. It includes a no mod shape, eyebrows, style card, and AO. Eye Candi membership is free and you can join the store or say in local:


╰→This is your last chance to get the exclusive $75L Adrina v2 skin for sale only at the $75L Skin Sale! Tomorrow (Sunday) we will have a brand new skin up from the Jasmine skinline.

╰→Bookmark the Eye Candi blog for all the latest news and sales taking place at the mainstore! Check out the blog for a list of our locations, view our store policies, see our pricing list, and for up-to-date information on custom shapes and skins.


╰→The Dish is a brand new group, where store owners and shoppers can advertise their weekly sales and new items. Please tell your favorite stores about this group, and tell your friends too! The more stores who join, the better the sales for you! Copy and say in local:


And store owners can contact Georgia Schechter via notecard with your username, name of the store, and a mainstore landmark included inside to be listed as a designer and send out notices.