The Dish @ Eye Candi! – 7.23.11

╰→There are lots of deals going on this week! We are participating in Sixty Linden Weekends and LOW, plus a 50L item for the Dish and at the Cupcakes Bakesale! Please see our sales table at the front of the store.


Weekly Sales

Today for LOW, our Bella shape is on sale for only 250L! This includes a modifiable shape, plus many extras!

For 60L Weekends, we have a Celtic Wedding Set for only 60L! This includes a woman’s engagement ring, wedding band, and male wedding band too!

For the Dish this week we have a pair of eyes from our Innocence eye collection in Dark Green for only 50L! This is for sale at our mainstore and will be on sale at the Cupcakes bakesale starting Sunday.

On Monday a new $75L skin will be for sale, a dramatic makeup from the Cali skinline. This skin features smokey eyeshadow and cherry red lips, and as with all Cali skins, comes complete with a sexy mole next to the lips.


This is the last week to get the Nicole shape for only 150L! Simply be a member of Eye Candi, activate the group, and pay the poster…. it’s that easy to grab a great deal! Next month a new shape will be showcased and sold for this very low price to our loyal customers only! All Shape of the Month shapes include a no mod shape, eyebrows, style card, and AO. Eye Candi membership is free and you can join the store or say in local:


Weekly News

╰→We’ve made it really easy to get in touch with Candi or Georgia with online indicators now in our mainstore! If you have a question or need customer service, feel free to contact one of us using the board. This is located near the customer service desk. All failed transactions still need to be sent via notecard to candi.crystal.

╰→What would you ladies like to see at Eye Candi? Send your comments or suggestions to Eye Candi; we are happy to listen! Let Candi or Georgia know, send Eye Candi (candi.crystal) a notecard or drop a notecard at the customer service desk in the mainstore!

╰→Bookmark the Eye Candi blog for all the latest news and sales taking place at the mainstore! Check out the blog for a list of our locations, view our store policies, see our pricing list, and for up-to-date information on custom shapes and skins.

╰→The Dish is a brand new group, where store owners and shoppers can advertise their weekly sales and new items. Please tell your favorite stores about this group, and tell your friends too! The more stores who join, the better the sales for you! Copy and say in local:


And store owners can contact Georgia Schechter via notecard with your username, name of the store, and a mainstore landmark included inside to be listed as a designer and send out notices.