News & Sales @ Eye Candi 10.20.12

News & Sales @ Eye Candi


╰→Updated products and new items are now at Eye Candi! Plus, if you love Eye Candi, we are looking for a bloggers! See below for more information.

Weekly Sales

This weekend for Steals and Deals, our Jo shape is half off for L$249 and a matching Jo v2 medium skin in makeup 7 is on sale for only L$99! You can find this near the landing point and next to our picks gift server.

╰→Sometime soon we plan on bringing back exclusive group member skins and shapes on sale only to our loyal members. Simply be a member of Eye Candi, activate the group, and pay the poster…. it’s that easy to grab a great deal! On November 1st, a new shape or skin will be showcased and sold for this very low price to our loyal customers only! All Shape of the Month shapes include a no mod shape, eyebrows, style card, and AO. Eye Candi membership is free and you can join the store or say in local:


Weekly News

Now all Enhancements Packs at Eye Candi include another cleavage tattoo and nipples, plus most of the enhancements include clothing layers! Now everyone who buys an Enhancements pack will receive:

1. Cleavage (tattoo and clothing layers)
2. Cleavage 2 (tattoo and clothing layers)
3. Small Nipples (tattoo and clothing layers)
4. Medium Nipples (tattoo and clothing layers)
5. Large Nipples (tattoo and clothing layers)
6. Hairbase (tattoo)
7. Facial Freckles (tattoo)
8. Full Body Freckles (tattoo and clothing layers except face)
9. Upper Body & Facial Freckles (tattoo and clothing layers except face)
10. Strip Pubic Hair (tattoo and clothing layers)
11. Modesty Coverup (Pasties) (tattoo and clothing layers)

Now you can try on the demo for all of our enhancements! Come see our fab new cleavage tattoo that we think you will enjoy! 🙂
If you have purchased the tattoo enhancements set and would like the updated package, send a notecard to Eye Candi (candi.crystal) with your username and transaction history.

Cali has been redesigned with a beautiful new face! Come try her on at the mainstore!

We have a brand new shape in store! Diamond is our latest shape and has a youthful face with plenty of attitude! Take a look at Diamond and try her on today!


All of Eye Candi’s shapes are being restyled with great new looks! Now when you buy a shape at Eye Candi, you have 3 options: Shape Only, Shape and Skin Set, and Maternity Shapes. So if you like the look on the poster, we make it easy to buy the shape and skin together, or you can purchase just the shape, and if you decide to get pregnant, you can buy maternity shapes to match your look!

╰→Eye Candi is looking for bloggers to write about our products on current blogs and also a Staff Blogger to write up to 5 posts a week about new releases, hunt items, sales, etc. If you are a good photographer and like to write, send Eye Candi (Candi.Crystal) an application!
Bloggers, please join our Bloggers group at: secondlife:///app/group/00422977-0dc7-7670-0617-c91375ad94c9/about

╰→What would you ladies like to see at Eye Candi? Send your comments or suggestions to Eye Candi; we are happy to listen! Let Candi or Georgia know, send Eye Candi (candi.crystal) a notecard or drop a notecard at the customer service desk in the mainstore!

╰→Bookmark the Eye Candi blog for all the latest news and sales taking place at the mainstore! Check out the blog for a list of our locations, view our store policies, see our pricing list, and for up-to-date information on custom shapes and skins.