News, Sales, and Hunt Gifts at Eye Candi!


News & Sales @ Eye Candi


╰→There’s a great makeup deal PLUS many skins are discounted to only $49L! We have brand new upcoming releases and you can see a sneak peek below!

Weekly Sales

Steals and Deals this weekend features our Model Makeup Tattoo in Makeup 11 for only L$49. Our model makeup tattoos make it easy to change your look with eyeshadow and lipstick built in on one tattoo layer. We have many others to choose from for our regular price of L$99 and you can try on all the demos at our mainstore.

╰→Several Skinlines by Eye Candi are being retired in store to make way for new stuff (see below for a sneak peek!). Until we get the newness up, we will be discounting these skinlines in store to $49L each and fat packs are $499L! Don’t worry, these skins will still be available online at Marketplace forever but at regular price.
On sale Now:

╰→Eye Candi is participating in these hunts this week! Grab these great freebies in store:

FHG LLTD Hunt Oct 15-31
Eye see you!

Gimme Candy Hunt Oct 15-31
A beautiful flower.

The Dirty Turkey Hunt November 1-30
Girls, Girls, Girls!

╰→Sometime soon we plan on bringing back exclusive group member skins and shapes on sale only to our loyal members. Simply be a member of Eye Candi, activate the group, and pay the poster…. it’s that easy to grab a great deal! On November 1st, a new shape or skin will be showcased and sold for this very low price to our loyal customers only! All Shape of the Month shapes include a no mod shape, eyebrows, style card, and AO. Eye Candi membership is free and you can join the store or say in local:


Weekly News

╰→<– Poster of our Taylor BareSkin
We are diligently at work on our new BareSkins line. These skins have minimal makeup, no eyeliner, and a youthful look. Our plans are to make these skins free of makeup and we will be selling additional makeup kits in a variety of tones to customize your makeup every day! Take a look at the sneak poster and keep posted!

╰→In case you missed the memo, we have a set of Bare Eyes to be used with our current skinlines. The package includes tattoo layers of bare makeup eyes in all skintones and can be found near the new Enhancements Pack in the skin room. Did we forget to mention that it’s FREE?!?!

╰→More of our shapes have maternity shapes available. We are almost done with this and we think you’ll like it!

╰→Our stalls at Mama Allpa are done! Some of our maternity shapes and makeups are featured here.

╰→Eye Candi is looking for bloggers to write about our products on current blogs and also a Staff Blogger to write up to 5 posts a week about new releases, hunt items, sales, etc. If you are a good photographer and like to write, send Eye Candi (Candi.Crystal) an application!
Bloggers, please join our Bloggers group at: secondlife:///app/group/00422977-0dc7-7670-0617-c91375ad94c9/about

╰→What would you ladies like to see at Eye Candi? Send your comments or suggestions to Eye Candi; we are happy to listen! Let Candi or Georgia know, send Eye Candi (candi.crystal) a notecard or drop a notecard at the customer service desk in the mainstore!

╰→Bookmark the Eye Candi blog for all the latest news and sales taking place at the mainstore! Check out the blog for a list of our locations, view our store policies, see our pricing list, and for up-to-date information on custom shapes and skins.