Free Makeup HUD with Your Mesh Head Review!

Marketplace Review Rewards for Eye Candi mesh heads!

Eye Candi loves to hear back from our customers and the easiest way to do this is through Marketplace. We would love to see more feedback on our marketplace store because customer service is so important to us.

For every review you post about our mesh heads (excluding demos), you will receive a FREE mesh head make-up kit of your choice (make-up kit only — mesh heads sold separately). The maximum gift is 1 free makeup HUD per mesh head you purchase on marketplace. If you purchase more than 1 head on marketplace, you can post multiple reviews for maximum rewards!

In order to leave a review, the mesh head must be purchased directly from our shop on Marketplace, found here:

Once you’ve left a review, please send a notecard to Candi Crystal (secondlife:///app/agent/8b095ee1-cfef-44df-839d-40abd06bde39/about) with this information:



Copy and paste your Marketplace review:

Makeup HUD of your choice (please include name, set number, and tone):


Save your notecard and please send it to Candi Crystal. Limited time offer.

Thanks for being a valued Eye Candi customer!