Q: I tried on a mesh head demo, but my eyes don’t fit in the head!

A: Edit your avatar shape. Generally mesh heads are around these numbers. Adjust to fit your mesh head the best, if needed.
Under the Eyes tab, set the numbers to:
Eye Size: 40
Eye Depth: 40
Eye Spacing: 55


Q: My mesh head looks angular and deformed.

A: Sometimes this happens to mesh! Simply take it off and put it back on. If that doesn’t work, please try teleporting to a new location or relogging.


Q: The shade on the body doesn’t seem to be the same shade on my head. Is there a way to fix this?

A: Remember that even if you use a body applier from us and a head from us, mesh body parts respond differently to light depending on who made it. In order to fix this, first try going under Preferences –> Graphics –> uncheck “Atmospheric shaders” and make sure “Hardware skinning” is checked.

You may also need adjust the light settings on your viewer.
Visit: https://eyecandisl.wordpress.com/lighting/

Finally, making your LOD factor will make ALL mesh look better in your viewer.
Go to: Advanced –> Show Debug Settings, in the drop down box, type in:
rendervolumeLODFactor and set to 4.000


Q: I tried on a demo body applier and now I can’t get it off!

A: Please reapply the default skin included with your mesh body purchase. Then you can reapply the Eye Candi skin that you purchased from us.


Q: Do you sell SLINK appliers for hands and feet?

A: Yes! We sell the Slink Physique appliers, which also just does the hands and feet, even if that is all you are wearing.


Q: Can I wear a mesh head on a standard avi or do I have to have a mesh body too?

A: You don’t need a mesh body to use them. The mesh heads we sell are matched to our skin tones for our standard avatar skins. All you have to do is wear them!


Q: Are your mesh heads compatible with OMEGA Systems?

A: Yes! Our new line, Omni, is omega compatible and can be used with your favorite skin designers who provide Omega appliers. If you are a designer and would like an applier kit, you can request one on our online form: https://eyecandisl.wordpress.com/apps-app/